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Winter Show 2012
A Celebration of Light
January 19-February 19
Featuring the light sculptures of Richard Drake
With a percentage of all sales benefiting CERF+

26 years ago when Richard Drake first stepped foot in Williamsburg, it was a vastly different neighborhood than it is today. At the time, the waterfront and surrounding area were great for finding discarded objects and bits of rusted metal, all of which inspired him in his artistic endeavors. In his creative process Richard develops self-imposed problems and then seeks interesting and engaging solutions. His artistic goal is to create new life and purpose for these found objects.

This new life was to find a connective energy that would lend his art not only an environment within the object, but also relate to the environment that contains the art. His curiosity and passions led him to explore and experiment with incorporating light into his pieces, eventually becoming artistic representations of physical light. Within his work, you’ll find the rusty bits of found objects, along with physical forms of nature, all woven and connected with light.

Much of his early work was focused on form over function. But as he explored his creations, he discovered that function (i.e. easy access to change the light bulbs) began to drive his artistic visions. Many of these early pieces are now in private collections but will be on display during the Winter Show.

Richard’s newest works are more refined and deliberate in their execution. These light sculptures are beautiful without ever turning on the light. However, when lit, these forms come alive and create an ambiance within the space of the sculpture while offering a warm focal point for any environment. Each piece a unique experience of contained beauty, filling space with an ethereal ambiance grounded with an organic yet industrial integrity.

We invite you to come partake of this lighting experience during our Winter Show 2012. Additionally, during our winter show, we’ll spread a little more light in the world by donating a percentage of our profits to CERF+, a national artists’ service organization whose mission is to safeguard and sustain the careers of craft artists and provide emergency resources that benefit all artists.



photos courtesy Valerie Bunnell

When you mix the fantasy behind the Wizard of Oz with bewildering characters from A Nightmare Before Christmas and add a bit of Mother Nature, you get the kind of fantastically unique artwork Valerie Bunnell creates.

The similarly unique and eclectic art gallery, Barking Lizards, is proud to present their artist of the month: Valerie Bunnell. The artist’s work is a fitting example of what Barking Lizards is known for – an escape from reality into a serene and stimulating environment.

Valerie Bunnell is known for her porcelain figures, which are constructed out of a mix of materials. Clay has always been a primary fixture in her work, but over time she has utilized metal, glass and other naturally found objects in the artwork. Her Ceramics Mixed Media Sculpture on display at Barking Lizards brings together random pieces found in our everyday lives to create a sculpture that is from another world.

What makes Valerie Bunnell stand out as an artist is her infusion of narrative identities with her artwork. The use of dolls, marionettes and puppets are an inspiration in her pieces, as they take viewers into an alternate reality, somewhere between the make-believe and real life.

“As an artist I have always wanted to create unusual objects that could refer to other realities, and which would possess a mysterious logic of existence,” Bunnell says of her work.

Barking Lizards art gallery is the premiere spot for artists like Valerie Bunnell to display one-of-a-kind artwork. Her out-of-this-world creations are a true testament to Valerie Bunnell as a person and therefore each piece is infused with originality and passion.


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