There is a singular, unified vision behind the extraordinary and eclectic collection of art that Barking Lizards gallery presents to the discerning public. Established two years ago by long-time residents of Williamsburg, Wanda and Richard Drake, themselves artists, this iconoclastic outpost is a collective of fine studio art by emerging and highly renowned and prominent artists. The gallery represents a highly selective variety of work which are completely unique and one-of-a-kind. The pieces offered are singular, individualized and finely wrought.

Richard and Wanda seek to eliminate the distinctions which tend to isolate “art” and “craft” and the arbitrary boundaries those distinctions have established. No matter whether it is the formation of a single circlet of engraved gold in a chain or a figurative abstraction of paint on canvas, the collaboration between the artist’s imagination and his or her technical execution from concept to final form belies all difference between art and craft. The expectations of the common, the everyday, and the sad, substandard fabrications of an insidiously homogenized world are not competing for attention at Barking Lizards Gallery. This, they truly believe and their gallery is a reflection of their aesthetics.

Above all, Barking Lizards Gallery is an ensemble of the work of extraordinarily gifted studio artists, no matter what their specific medium is, whether paint, jewelry, sculpture, ceramics, glass or photography. This shared environment clearly speaks to the pursuit and purpose of art, the timeless elevation of the spirit and the incessant need for beauty in our lives.