Jewelry has always been a part of Viktor, Zef and Nick Radi’s lives. As children they were sometimes known to play with objects and figures made of silver, which might seem strange were it not for the fact that their father is a top master of filigree and is recognized as such throughout the Adriatic coast. What began as a game, with time, developed into a passion.

The Radi Brothers were born in Kosovo but at a very young age they moved to Croatia — geographically not very far, but culturally very different; the exposure to and acceptance of both cultures made things interesting.

At an early age, Viktor, Zef and Nick learned the family secrets from their father of how to make fine filigree and then both studied further in specialized schools to add knowledge of the full range of contemporary jewelry-making techniques. Their intricate jewelry is exclusively hand-made by them, consisting of hundreds and thousands of tiny pieces combined into a single unit with a lot of effort and patience and play. For their work Viktor, Zef and Nick use an elegant and very wearable combination of gold, silver, precious and semiprecious stones.

Thus, the inspiration for their unique jewelry line comes from both the thousand-year-old techniques of their family heritage and from contemporary culture, the flatness of modern shapes and modern art.