angel 2

Courtesy of Hawk Alfredson

When you meet Hawk Alfredson, you’d never guess that this quiet and unassuming man is the potent and powerful force behind the dreamy surrealistic paintings on display at Barking Lizard Art|Design Gallery. On par with Francis Bacon, his highly detailed paintings have been internationally exhibited in museums around the world.

Arriving in 1995 from Sweden, Hawk quickly made an impact on the local art scene with an impressive 20 shows within in his first year. His work is an enigmatic blend of Bosch and Poe like themes. His is a complicated and confusing weave of personal dreams, trauma and history with a full color spectrum of macabre and carnival moods.

Dream Ambassador XVI

Courtesy of Hawk Alfredson

It is hard to convey in words the impact his paintings have on the psyche. In fact, the artist himself has this to say about his work,

“The more time advances, the more reticent I feel toward verbalizing my art. I feel similarly to Jean Cocteau who once said, “An artist cannot speak about his art any more than a plant can discuss horticulture.” Images enter my mind both day and night and I often feel compelled to express them as quickly as they come. I work intuitively. When I begin a painting, I have no definitive destination. Rather, while I work I encourage subliminal ideas and cosmic forces to collaborate with the process. What I am hoping to achieve when I paint is a sense of mystery and beauty – I wish to create a vision that not even I, the creator, fully understands. I usually describe my imagery as Magical Realism. I want to transport the viewer into an altered state of consciousness where he or she may be inclined to experience who they truly are when they are free of mundane thoughts. My paintings act as mirrors or Rorschach tests; the viewer perceiving the images filtered through their own reality.”


Courtesy of Hawk Alfredson